Our Farm

The roots of Poignant Farms took hold many generations ago with my great, great grandparents,  John Poignant and Christiana Poignant,  who farmed in Woodford and Marshall Counties here in Central Illinois.  My dad grew up on a small farm on a bluff overlooking the Illinois River, and my family and I still reside within seven miles of where my Illinois ancestors first settled.  Ironically, my parents did not farm while I was young,  and I began farming about five years ago.

Currently, we grow the same row crops of soybeans and corn that you would expect to find on a contemporary, Midwestern farm.  However, we are diversifying with a more permaculture-based philosophy, as we also grow pine and fir trees, flowers, chickens, turkeys, and vegetables for sale at a farmer’s markets.

When not farming, I teach English and information literacy skills as my “day job” (or am I farming when not teaching?), and my wife works at a local university.  Also, I am certified to commercially fly a drone, and can also be found driiving around the countryside scouting fields and taking photographs and videos, as well as giving presentations throughout Illinos on  drones.

Scouting a corn field in Woodford County.

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